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Libby Marr is a Chicago native, now a college student, one of three original Depantsing Queens who first began the The Depantsing Queens website. Libby and her closest girlfriends in high school were nicknamed as such because of what their critics said was their snobbish, unabashed, vigilante behavior of pulling down the pants (and sometimes the underwear, also) of boys who they perceived to have wronged them in some way, often in front of other girls to increase the boy's humiliation. Although she certainly has many friends and defenders (who argue the girls were simply defending themselves from unwanted sexual advances and harassment by male classmates), it can also be said that karma finally caught up with Libby and her girlfriends in their senior year when several of their past victims distributed full frontal and rear nude photos of the girls (all then 18) both at school and on the internet.


An accomplished two-time, all-star softball pitcher in high school, Libby turned down two athletic scholarships (in Arizona and Florida) in order to attend college in the Midwest near her home.[1]

As a junior, Libby once ripped her uniform pants wide open while pitching in a visiting game at a rival high school. Libby stayed in the game after changing pants with an injured teammate at her team's bench, but was only partially shielded by her teammates. Spectators whistled and hooted and a rival player was later quoted in her high school paper:

"That's why I don't wear a thong out there; you just never know," laughed rightfielder Jordan Lowe, apparently referring to Marr's choice of underwear.[2]

Libby eventually succeeded the humiliated Belinda Ramirez as captain of her high school's softball team.

A four-time honor roll student, Libby was one of the most popular girls in her high school. Well-liked and with a magnetic personality, Libby's reputation survived the humiliation of having full-frontal nude photos of her circulated around at her high school and the subsequent posting of them on numerous porn sites shortly after she turned 18 in the fall of 2003. A group of depantsed seniors got revenge by obtaining nude pics of the girls showering (all then 18: the others are Belinda Ramirez and Becky Romero), passing them around their high school and posted them on the internet.

The stunning redhead claims that writing about her experiences helped overcome her immense embarrassment. But it is more likely that Libby also enjoyed relating on how she eventually gained revenge on the high school boys who humiliated her. It also helped that the well-liked Libby was perceived as more of a victim than her two girlfriends.

What a class act (Libby) is. Sweet as apple pie. Everyone hit on her and she just had this way, you know, letting you down so easy that you still fantasized about her without realizing she had totally rejected you. Belinda? That's a different story. I never had a problem with her but lets just say not too many guys felt sorry for her when everyone saw her nude pics. I know that sounds harsh and I guess maybe guys who knew her well liked her and felt a little bad about what happened. How to say it? Lets just say lots of guys wanted to f--- Belinda, wanted to sleep with Becky and wanted to have babies with Libby.
  — former high school classmate of Libby's [3]

Libby is quoted on an internet forum as saying that she moans quite loudly during sexual intercourse[4] and allegedly has a weak bladder that easily gives out during uncontrolled fits of laughter. She's also had some unfortunate accidents in public.

In high school, Libby once peed her pants on a bus crowded with (soon laughing) younger boys from a junior high school. Libby also has acknowledged peeing herself in the middle of crowded Times Square on New Year's Eve in 2006 and had to walk back to her hotel to the amusement of those who noticed. [5]

Her friends know that tickling her can sometimes result in Libby having an embarrassing accident and so one time her best friend, Becky Romero, caused the 22-year old Libby to pee herself in front of her friends and another girlfriend's 7-year old male cousin. But after Libby doned a change of clothes she got even with Becky, apparently pulling down her panties and giving her a bare-bottom spanking to the delight of the young boy. [6]

Libby's writings include detailed accounts of being her being stripped and spanked (m/f) on videotape while initially trying to bargain with her harassers to save her friends from continued embarrassment. Libby publicly answered detailed questions about her sex life, personal grooming habits and exposed herself panty-less at school to a 9th grader, all in an effort to have nude pics of herself and her girlfriends taken down from the internet. She even ventured to a public park in broad daylight wearing nothing but a pair of panties and bra and then relented to being spanked bare-bottomed.

She's also written about her additional humiliations, including being caught completely naked by a stunned Boy Scout troop,[7] as well as her frequent strippings and spankings of her best friend Becky Romero 's brother, Matt (f/m).[8]

Libby is quite modest about her body and very sensitive to comments about her unshaven, thick bush. She was therefore quite shocked when her friends saw to it that the redhead's panties came all the way down for a bare-bottom spanking at her crowded 20th birthday party.[9]

An outspoken activist in the Louise Ogborn case, Libby has written extensively about the 18-year old Mount Washington, Kentucky high school senior girl who was ordered to strip completely naked at a busy McDonald's restaurant, then spanked and sexually humiliated over several hours by both male and female employees on videotape.

Libby acknowledged that as a "victim of sexual harassment and attempted sexual assault myself, I too clearly understand what Louise Ogborn must have been going through that horrible evening at McDonald's," adding that what she herself "went through pales in comparison to what happened to Louise. I doubt very much that I would have handled the aftermath of such a sexual assault with as much courage and dignity as Louise Ogborn has shown. She's my hero."[10]

Perhaps incensed by the lenient treatment that she envisioned would be given to the boys who took nude photos of her without permission and then circulated them throughout her high school, Libby became a vocal supporter of another Kentucky teenage girl, Savannah Dietrich. Dietrich had taken to Twitter to out the two minor boys who sexually assaulted her and, for a time, faced possible jail time for contempt of court. Libby publicly and rather harshly critized the judge in the case."[11] [12]


I can take care of myself pretty good - and the guys know it. But, if not... can you say 'Lorena Bobbit'?
  — Libby Marr, responding to a poster's question on how she'd react if some guy pulled down her panties in front a bunch of guys. source
I'd be willing to pitch in my bra and panties!
  — Libby Marr, discussing how badly she'd like to play in a truly national women's professional baseball or softball league. source


  • Born: Chicago, Illinois
  • Birthdate: October 1985
  • Family: one older sister; Michelle
  • Closest friend: Becky Romero
  • Sexual orientation: straight
  • Boyfriend: Ryan
  • Stated Career Goal: to be Major League Baseball's First Female G.M.
  • Captain of her high school softball team, succeeding Belinda Ramirez
  • Two-time division all-star, pitcher (2002, 2003)
  • Threw two no-hitters during high school competition
  • Fanatical Chicago Cubs fan

Was coaching intern with Belinda Ramirez at a co-ed youth baseball camp (year?) in Illinois. Libby later enjoyed relating on how she embarrassed the boys at the camp by visually checking them for athletic supporters and jock straps.[13]

According to a friend of hers, Libby even happily and "innocently assist[ed] a shy, blushing [naked] 10-year old boy put on a cup for the first time because" the naked boy was "too clueless, too embarrassed to ask any of the other boys for help." [14]

Libby, along with her friend and student government representative Elizabeth McNally, organized a major school fundraiser, raising an estimated $30,000 scholarship for the son (a classmate) and siblings of a police officer killed in the line of duty.[15]

Note: biographical information about Libby Marr has been gathered from her personal website, blog, posts by her on internet forums and public statements she has made under the doctrine of fair use

Very Personal[edit]

  • Height: 5' 9"
  • Weight: 120

Libby has a 32" bust and was described as having smallish, barely B-cup sized breasts during her senior year in high school[16] [17]

However, that description of Libby having "barely B-cup sized breasts" was quite charitable. From the nude photos of her, it's quite apparent that "barely A-cup" would have been a more accurate description, especially given that Libby herself has made the rather hilarious admission that she wore a training bra in high school for several years.

When I started high school, I still wore a training bra for a couple years because my tiny tits were smaller than those of many middle school girls. It was humiliating and some of the older girls at school called them 'pimples' when they saw me in the shower or changing. It was a major reason why I never shaved my pussy because with a full bush I at least looked like a teenage girl - even if only from the waist down.
  — Libby Marr, relating an embarrassing admission to the whole world on her Google+ profile. [18]

Note: biographical information about Libby Marr has been gathered from her personal website, blog, posts by her on internet forums and public statements she has made under the doctrine of fair use

Very, Very Personal[edit]

  • She's a red-head... all the way down
It's a regular forest down there. Which is of course the perfect place to find a beaver. Only when she bends over, can you see it though.
  Bad Girl Spanker[19]
  • "Her bush is so thick it should be declared a fire hazard." - Claxton from Texas
  • "Her bush is so thick birds are building a nest in it." - Road Warrior[20]
  • "Her thick bush should be declared a National Forest." - (anonymous)[21]
  • "Bad Hair Day" - caption placed on full-frontal nude photo of Libby - (anonymous)[22]

Note: biographical information about Libby Marr has been gathered from her personal website, blog, posts by her on internet forums and public statements she has made under the doctrine of fair use


  • on her bare-bottom, as an 18-year old high school senior, by high school male classmate in front of three other boys[23]
  • on her bare bottom, at her own 20th birthday party, by a teenage boy[24]

Her Willingness to Pose Nude for Spanking Artists[edit]

Libby's pride and stubbornness and perhaps a low level of self-esteem has led her to fulfill promises to pose nude for spanking artists. She, like the rest of the Depantsing Queens, has shown a willingness for both self-deprecation and for others to humiliate her in artwork and stories.

Her seemingly only requirement is that artwork and stories debasing her be in the CC-BY-SA format.[25]

Bad Girl Spanker is one of several spanking artists who obliged, the Depantsing Queens even prominently featuring one of his works on their website's homepage, despite it depicting a nude Libby in a humiliating position and with her unshaven bush on full display in a very public setting.




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