Li'l Minx

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Li'l Minx is GM's latest scam tribute to the Golden Age of Comics, once again featuring a golden-tressed little girl with a knack for getting into trouble. Combining the artistic styles of Dan DeCarlo, Vic Herman and Joe Edwards, Minx features a cast of vaguely "familiar" faces including Li'l Spot, Li'l Ordrey, Li'l Malice and Li'l Evil amongst others. As with most of GM's comic book pastiches, the stories are peppered with gratuitous panty shots and spanking scenes. Covers are designed to look like actual 1960s kiddies' comics, right down to the "Starchie Giant Series" logo on the upper left corner.


Li'l Minx is a high-spirited tomboy living in the picket-fence suburb of Everdale, USA. Somewhat adventurous by nature, she leads her friends into various comical situations, most of which end with a good, hard spanking for all concerned.

Uh...that's pretty much it. The girls just run around flashing their underwear and getting spanked every five minutes - more or less the same thing they used to do back in the late 1940s. There's also an oddball collection of friends, neighbors and relatives that nobody cares about, along with cameos from PD characters so obscure that not even Wikipedia has a page on them. This being a GM comic strip, Minx has a tendency to fall out of her clothes at the drop of a hat, providing ample fan service for the panty-fetishists.

Copyright status[edit]

To avoid copyright issues and DMCA takedowns, GM has based the artwork on public domain versions of Audrey, Dot, Alice, Jinx and Sis (the "Candy Kid" from MLJ's Katy Keen). Whether this particular strategy will actually work remains to be seen.