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Illustration for Les Cinq fessées de Suzette (1910).

Lewis Bald (†) was an illustrator of French spanking stories.

Illustration of works by Aimé Van Rod[edit]

Between 1909 and 1910, he illustrated the following works by Aimé Van Rod:

  • Le Fouet dominateur (1909)
  • Les Mystères du fouet (1909)
  • Vierges fouettées (1909)
  • La Villa des bouleaux (1909)
  • L'École du fouet (1910)
  • La Fascination du fouet (1910)
  • Le Fouetteur invisible (1910)
  • Le Roi fouetteur (1910)
  • Visites fantastiques au pays du fouet (1910)


Illustration of works by James Lovebirch[edit]

In 1910, Lewis Bald illustrated Les Cinq fessées de Suzette by James Lovebirch.

The illustrations for James Lovebirch's L'Avatar de Lucette (1913) are also signed "Lewis Bald". However, according to curiosa researcher Thanalie, they are significantly different in style from those in Les Cinq fessées de Suzette. They were possibly done by the artist M. del Giglio. 1921 is the date of a second edition that includes illustrations by Georges Topfer, the first has been published in 1913.

Illustration of other works[edit]

Anonymous illustration for the 1910 edition of the novel Les Mystères du harem, possibly by Lewis Bald.

The 1910 edition of Les Mystères du harem by Henri Gaultier de Saint-Amand, illustrated by Georges Topfer, contains an illustration clearly by a different artist, which might be Lewis Bald.

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