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Congratulations and the highest praise to Lee Warner: his spanking artwork is, quite simply, the finest I have ever seen during many years of collecting. His are the finest gifts the spanking community could have.
  — Les647

Lee Warner is an artist who created girl spanking drawings (M/f and F/f). He started sharing his art in February 2006 on the Handprints site and stopped in November 2007.


Lee Warner's drawings (in black-and-white and in color) were always based on other reference material. He used other drawings, illustrations, and rendered art, but most of his work was based on photographs or parts taken from photographs.

Much of his work uses legal photos of adult models being spanked, morphed in Photoshop to child size and proportions, often with a child's face superimposed. He also uses photocomposites (done by himself or others) where images of girls and adults from ordinary stock photos, as well as furniture, clothing, hairbrushes, etc., have been combined into spanking poses. Warner printed the photos on art paper in pure magenta and drew over the printout with a soft black pencil. He scanned the result and deleted the magenta color channel to leave the black-and-white pencil drawing. See creative tracing for more on this approach.

If working from a color photo or photocomposite, he superimposed his drawing (using Photoshop's multiply mode) and did some touching up of the drawing using Photoshop's brush tools. The underlying photo was then filtered to blur it, so that details were contained in the pencil drawing but color was added from the photo. Warner's style thus emphasized the 'sketchy' nature of the artwork, giving a rather realistic view but distanced from the direct reality of a photo. He aimed to produce a wide variety of images within the /f genre to suit the wide variety of different tastes — although always illustrating only what can be seen in many normal families. He often left some ambiguity to allow full range for the viewer's imagination.

The end[edit]

On November 14, 2007, Lee Warner wrote a message in Handprice's guestbook saying that he will discontinue creating more spanking art, at least for the time being, because it takes him 15-20 hours per drawing, and he wants to focus on other things.


Warning: Some of Lee Warner's images are photorealistic or nearly photorealistic and may be illegal to view or download in your country. See also Indecent pseudo-photograph of a child for more information.