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Lawrence Kinden Self Portrait

Lawrence Kinden is the pen name of an author and artist of spanking stories and spanking art. For a time he was a webmaster, his work housed at Lawrence Kinden's Corporal Fiction, a free website. The site hasn't been updated in years.

Lawrence's drawing style consists of several styles including a cartoon/old anime style and creative tracings. He often colors his art with colored pencils and sometimes with computer coloring programs.

He has written 500,000+ words, over 200 stories (according to the Library of Spanking Fiction) and has written all pairings but mostly X/f. Many of his stories are of the fantasy genre. Mr. Kinden has collaborated on stories with fellow authors Haley Brimley (2091: Nocturne Three) and Kiotokai (Royal Treatment). He entered the 2006, and the 2009 Short Story Contest.

Lawrence Kinden's work can be found at:

The Aynafesse Chronicles[edit]

Aynafesse Chronicles is a series of spanking stories by Lawrence Kinden that take place in the same universe and share many of the same themes, most notably spanking. By in-universe chronological order, The Aynafesse Chronicles include:



Stand Alone[edit]

Fan Fiction[edit]

Short Short Stories[edit]

Stories at less than 1000 words

Spoiler warning
  • After the Kick
    Missing the game-winning kick, Sam has to face a tough decision: quit the team or submit to punishment. (m/m)
  • Birthday Tradition
    On her 23rd birthday, Anakia's friends unearth some home videos that encourage old traditions. (m/f, M/F)
  • Confession
    Sam and Ivana are stuck in a camper during a hard rain storm while their parents are on the other side of a flooded river. Gifted with the opportunity of absolute privacy, the conversation turns to spanking. (m/f)
  • Contract
    Katie and Daphne have decided on a contract for making sure the chores get done. (f/f)
  • Cover of Night
    A futuristic fantasy story in which a young priestess, Norah, lays a trap of a creature of the night, preparing to become his mistress. (f/m)
  • Ditching Gambit
    Ms Evans, an exceptional student at a prestigious school known for its strict discipline, reminds Mr Scott that he promised to spank her if she fails to get top marks in her assignments.
  • Failed Circle
    In an attempt to summon a demonic creature for carnal activities, an inept teenage boy finds himself in big trouble. (F/m)
  • Garage Game
    Caught up in a game of house with the neighbor girl, things turn interesting when the girl's mother catches them. (f/x, F/f)
  • Good and Hard
    A satirical piece in which Mommy, Brubby, and Sissy try to determine who needs a spanking.
  • Intervention Ring
    Five female housemates hit upon an unusual way to solve disputes or problems within the house ... spanking. Will anyone notice than Elaine gets spanked more than anyone else. (F/F)
  • Long, Hard Day
    A harsh story about a man who take the frustrations of the day out on his family. (M/Ff)
  • No Excuses
    A long day of training new recruits aboard the starship Calibur leaves Lieutenant Ke-Qyan tired and forgetful. Forgetting to lock the armory door, however, is not an oversight that can go unpunished. (X/F)
  • Nothing Soft About It
    Portia is a pitcher with a wicked curve-ball and a problem with authority. When she blows the game, the captain of the team takes strict action. (ff/f)
  • Rainy Day Fun
    Maureen goes to stand outside on the back porch, feeling the cool rain on her well spanked hot bottom. She presses her bottom against the glass door, which opens as Anthony gives her bottom another stinging slap. (M/F, F/M)
  • Silk Illusion
  • Walking in the Woods
    A curious young man ignores the warnings of family and neighbors; he walks through the forbidden woods said to contain magic and fairies. His first confrontation with the magic of the forest is everything he'd been warned it would be.

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