Lainsbury Press

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I'd buy that for a shilling!.

Lainsbury Press is one of a number of fictitious companies invented by Simon Kirby to scam the rubes publish his numerous manga/comic pastiches. According to this faux history, Lainsbury was a small-time British operation specializing in spanking fiction. Titles included such gems as Freshly Smacked Bottoms, Spanked on the Panties, Nieces in Knickers, and the ever-popular Panty Flashing Schoolgirls. A subdivision of the company distributed transgendered versions of the same stories, retaining the spanking content while catering to a more "sophisticated" audience. Covers featured monochrome line drawings embellished with lurid captions ("They were spanked all the way through high school - some more than others!"), stories tended to be unoriginal, poorly-written and mediocre - in short; a fitting tribute to the Great British Spanking Pulps of the 1960s.