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Photoshop mock-up of a proposed Kogaru Diaries RPG (2010).

Kogaru Diaries is a fictional sci-fi/fantasy universe created by Gauis Marius. Following the example of various shared continuities in popular media (cf Star Trek, Marvel, DC etc), the KDU serves to connect a number of faux anime "series" including Miho-Chan, Ikusa no Yukai, Tetsujo Akiko-Chan, Himitsu Nikki, and Majokko Megumi-Hime.

Originally envisioned as a Dating Sim, the concept underwent a variety of permutations between 2007 and 2010. Although no actual game was ever completed, a number of characters, settings and storylines were developed, resulting in two discussion boards hosted on Google sites and IB4Free. Both have since been shut down by the service providers; the reasons behind the closures are unclear, as detailed explanations have never been offered.

Kogaru Diaries became the focus of a major online controversy in August 2010, after a number of GM's images were uploaded to Wikimedia Commons. Although the pictures violated no specific policies, Commons administrators opted to delete most of GM's gallery and permanently disable his account. Similar actions were taken on en.Wikipedia amidst unproven allegations of criminal activity and "enabling".

A second conflict arose in March 2011, when several Wikipedia administrators attempted to have Kogaru Diaries 1 permanently removed from Commons, claiming that it was both a copyright violation and a contravention of Title 18 of the US Code. In this instance, Commons rejected the deletion request, choosing to retain the image in a modified form.


Main characters from Kogaru Diaries.

In common with many shared continuities, Kogaru Diaries features a range of primary and supporting characters, many corresponding to well-known anime archetypes. As a general rule, protagonists are usually depicted as young girls (reflecting the popularity of the shoujo genre), while antagonists may be either male or female.

Primary Characters (PCs) may be divided into three main categories: Majokko (magic girls), Senshi (warrior girls), and Bishoujo (pretty girls). The three groups are not mutually exclusive; a majokko can be a senshi, a bishoujo can become a warrior, and both can acquire magic abilities under certain conditions. Within the main storyline, all PCs attend Miyamae Academy, with Majokkos boarding at Shioki Geshuku guesthouse under the tutelage of the resident caregiver.

Supporting characters from Kogaru Diaries.

Supporting Characters (SCs), by contrast, fulfill a wide variety of functions within the continuity, frequently acting as friends or mentors for the PCs. Many are employed as administrative personnel within the local infrastructure, occupying such roles as doctors, teachers, librarians, Guardians, police officers, security guards, etc. Aliens, demons and other antagonistic characters are often (though not exclusively) male, again reflecting the status quo of modern Japanese animation.

A third intermediate grouping, Transgendered (TG), is designed to interact as either male or female within the plotline (another common element of anime sitcom; cf Ranma, Pretty Face). While their sexual ambiguity may be the result of a supernatural transformation, TGs tend to have no unusual powers (although they might serve as senshis or bishoujos when necessary). At the moment, Kogaru Diaries features 8 Primary Characters and 12 Supporting Characters. New characters are introduced at regular intervals.

Themes and setting[edit]

Kogaru Diaries features themes such as spanking, panchira, lolicon, hypnosis and transgender.

The main action takes place in the fictional Japanese town of Miyamae, a semi-rural regional center populated by schoolgirls (joshikosei), ghosts (kwaidan), evil spirits (oni) and shape-shifting aliens (eriyin).

Kogaru Diaries incorporates elements of Gauis Marius's "faux 1960s" anime series Kagaya Hime Miho-Chan and Ikusa no Yukai (in the form of an underground comic book popular amongst Miyamae schoolgirls). Glory Bee is also featured as an exchange student.