Koala Bear

From Spanking Art

Koala Bear, also known as Woody, is an author of spanking stories.

He is perhaps best known for Tammy In Trouble (a story about a little girl spanked by her father, in which the parent/child bond is shown particularly effectively, in the opnion of many readers), and for Returning, a spanking novel featuring ageplay, of which six chapters have been published as of early 2006. Most of his stories are M/f or M/F, with the M/F ones often involving ageplay.

Most of his work has been posted to the newsgroup soc.sexuality.spanking, where he has been a regular since the group was founded, and before that to alt.sex.spanking. He has participated in the Summer Story Contest in several different years, and several of his stories have been much praised. A number of his stories have science-fictional settings.