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Kneeling schoolgirl punished by paddleball racket (still from "Final Exam", a video by User:Jameslovebirch).

The term kneeling position can be used to refer to any spanking position in which the spankee is kneeling.


The angle of the kneeling person's torso can vary considerably: it can be anywhere from vertical to horizontal, and even lower than that. The spankee can be kneeling either with support under their torso, or without.

For torso support, the object has to be low enough so that there is still some weight (e.g. 30%) on the knees (otherwise it would not be a kneeling but a bent-over-object position). Objects suitable for that include e.g. a block (e.g. a birching block), stool, chair, bed or similar. Also some forms of modern spanking benches have knee rests. It is often a good idea to have some padding on the top of the block, or on the seat of the stool, chair or pouffe. If there is no upholstery, a cushion (or pile of cushions) or a folded blanket can help to provide better comfort. Another possibility is to use a seated assisting person's lap for support.

Without torso support, it is a good idea to put some padding under the knees. The spankee can kneel either on the floor or elevated on a suitable piece of furniture, such as a couch, ottoman, pouffe, chair, armchair or bed. If the spankee is made to lean forward and place both hands on the floor (lower than their knees), their buttocks are raised particularly high.

The spanker can also provide some torso support, e.g. by letting the kneeling spankee lean against them, or by holding the kneeling spankee around their waist. Some positions can be adapted to include kneeling. For example, if the spanker sits on a very low stool, they can use the over-the-knee position in a way that allows the spankee to kneel while lying over the spanker's lap, resting some of his/her weight on his/her knees and arms. This can be a good variant of the classic OTK position if the spankee is heavyweight.

Kneeling restrained (in bondage): see below.

The following kneeling variants have their own descriptions:


Kneeling position, restrained[edit]

It is also possible to restrain the spankee in the kneeling position, e.g. with straps or stocks. Here are a couple of examples found in vintage spanking art:

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