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Kneading, formally known as petrissage, is a massage technique in which the palm of the hands and/or fingers work the muscle and fat tissue under the skin in a way somewhat similar to the kneading of dough or clay. Kneading involves sub-techniques such as wringing, skin rolling, pick-up-and-squeeze, knuckling, and scissoring. Kneading, when done right, is pleasant, muscle relaxing and not painful.

Outside classical massage[edit]

How to give a spanking (sensual). This video demonstrates different techniques, including kneading.

Kneading the partner's erogenous zones, such as buttocks or breasts, can be sexually arousing for both the giver and the recipient.

Kneading a spankee's bare buttocks is also popular before, during, and/or after a spanking, especially in the OTK position and its variants. See also stretching.

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