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The spanking scene.

Klassenkeile (English title: Spanking at School) is a German comedy movie from 1969, directed by Franz Josef Gottlieb, starring Uschi Glas.

The spanking scene[edit]

Katja Hutten (Uschi Glas, aged 25) is given a classroom spanking by the entire class. They bend her over a desk and hold her in position while the other students parade in a circle around her, giving her a spank every time they pass her bottom.

The title of the film, "Klassenkeile", is a German slang term for exactly that: a spanking or beating given to a student by their classmates. Klassenkeile punishment is typically given for offenses against the whole class, or for offenses that get the whole class into trouble.

Additional notes[edit]

Uschi Glas is also spanked (by Roy Black) in the 1971 film Wenn mein Sch├Ątzchen auf die Pauke haut (When My Darling Stands Up).

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