Kira Wolf Cub

From Spanking Art

Kira Wolf Cub is a young bisexual danish spanking artist who currently lives in Denmark but has lived in California for the greater part of her life. She draws in her spare time whatever falls into her fancy and if also known for role playing on Anime OTK though it is still pretty new to her and she can be a little picky about how a role play is. She prefers those where there is a plot running through the story and where the posts are at times fairly long. Her best known work of rp is 'Nightly Lessons' with Peeker, which is a vampire based story with original characters.

Kira's drawings are often M/F but she has done M/M and F/M and F/F. She usually avoids drawing males though because she personally feels she's not very good at them, and she is constantly working on bettering her 'drawing to scale' skills as perspective doesn't always exist in her drawings. Still, she enjoys drawing and is happy as long as others enjoy her work. Kira also does commissions.

Kira first discovered her fascination with spanking at the age of 12 but did not discover its attraction until she was about 18. Since then she has learned that depending on the gender of her partner, she is a switch. If her partner is a male, she prefers to be the spankee whereas if it's a female, she is the spanker.