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King's Dungeons is a spanking web forum "on corporal punishment and related themes", hosted by King.

Forums on King's Dungeons[edit]

As of July 2023, the forum had the following sub-forums:

Movies and television
Post scenes from Movies and Television Shows, News Broadcasts, any mainstream scenes, etc.
Streaming video clips
Links to streaming video clips which are viewable through the site itself.
Off -topic video clips
For off-topic mainstream clips or streaming videos that you would like to share with the community.
Mainstream Captures
All mainstream images should be posted in here. Suitable for screen captures and the like.
Artwork and Drawings
Post your own Artwork, or just random Artwork out of your collection.
Author's contributions (text only forum)
Post a story here on the forum, or link to one that is available somewhere else.
The discussion boards (text only forum)
Updates and questions, also for general topics, articles, polls, literature, or similar things.
Separate website links
Links to other websites. On-topic, or players and codec packs, and the like.
Various contributions
For anything that doesn't seem fitting in any other forum, candid photos, off-topic, nostalgia, etc.
Registration information
Read this if you don't know how to register. This is a brief explanation of how to go about doing so.


  • King does not wish the URL of his site to be openly shared, so no link is here.