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The spanking scene.

Kill Bill is a movie by writer-director Quentin Tarantino.

Originally conceived as one film, it was released in two separate 'volumes' (in late 2003 and early 2004) due to its running time of approximately four hours. The movie is an epic-length revenge drama, with homages to earlier film genres, such as Hong Kong martial arts movies, Japanese Chanbara films, exploitation films and Italian spaghetti westerns; an extensive use of popular music and pop culture references; and aestheticization of violence.

The spanking scene[edit]

Kill Bill: Vol. 1 features a short F/M spanking scene which has the effect of a humourous note in the middle of all the bloodshed. In Tokyo, the Bride (Uma Thurman) fights O-Ren Ishy's army of henchmen, the Crazy 88. She kills or wounds the entire army save one. The last one is different, he is a rather young man and is trembling. The Bride chops his sword in pieces like a salami. He drops his useless sword handle and raises his trembling hands in a gesture of fear and submission. Instead of killing him, the Bride grabs him by his tie, bends him over her knee like a schoolboy and spanks his backside six times with the side of her sword blade, shouting "This is what you get for fucking around with Yakuzas!". With a last spank "Go home to your mother!" she lets him go. The young man leaves, crying and rubbing his bottom like a little boy.

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