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Kiki Cali is a popular spanking actress who entered the scene around 2017. Formerly famous for her vivid pink hair, she used the stage name PinkieKiki in her earlier videos. She reverted to her natural dark brown hair in mid-2018 and has retained this look ever since. Consequently, she changed her usernames to remove the word "pinkie".

Kiki has performed as a spankee in videos by Real Spankings (and a line of personal videos by owner Michael Masterson), as well as Sarah Gregory Spanking, Momma Spankings, Cheerleader Spankings, Clare Fonda's Spanked Sweeties, and Delco Video Productions.

Known for her tiny stature and dressing and behaving in a childlike or juvenile manner, Kiki usually plays naughty schoolgirl and baby girl roles. As a result, she frequently receives age-appropriate punishments such as mouth soaping and diapering in her videos.

Spanking videos[edit]

In videos by and its spin-off lines, she is sometimes listed as "Kiki J" to distinguish her from an Asian actress also named Kiki (photo) who works for the same company.

  • 100 Stroke Cold Caning For My Baby Girl - The Private Files (Michael Masterson), photos
  • Bully Gets Spanked (Spanking Sorority Girls, 2023), Miss Katherine, bullying, photos
  • Fun in the Tub (Intimate Spanking, 2023), Veronica Weston, bath, photos
  • Kiki J. Pays A Visit To The Dean (RealSpankings Institute), photos
  • Kiki: Sent To The Dean (RealSpankings Institute), photos
  • Kiki's Gym Punishment (RealSpankings Institute, 2020), photos
  • Kiki's Voyeur Hand Spanking (OTK-Spankings), voyeur
  • My Baby Girl Receives A Severe Switching (Michael Masterson), photos
  • Painful Spankings At Uncle's House (Universal Spanking and Punishments), bath, uncle, photos
  • Punished for Masturbating in Study Hall (RealSpankings Institute), detention
  • Punished For Not Wearing Her Mask During PE (RealSpankings Institute, 2020), Gym, photos, more photos
  • Two Naughty School Girls Punished Together (RealSpankings Institute), photos
  • Two Students Caught Making Out And Sharing A Bed (RealSpankings Institute), photos

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