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Spanking, KiSS style: functioning as a virtual paper doll, the Kisekae System allows the user to remove the doll's clothing piece by piece.

Kisekae Set System (commonly known as KiSS) is a freeware program used for the creation of virtual "paper dolls". Kisekae is short for "kisekae ningyou"; a Japanese term meaning "dress-up dolls". Tremendously popular with enthusiast communities on both sides of the Pacific, Kisekae is typically employed by amateur artists to create 'electronic wardrobes' for their favorite anime/fictional characters, and may therefore be viewed as a specialized form of fanart. More advanced software, such as FKiss and CKiss incorporate animation and soundbite facilities, making the system comparable to Flash or Fireworks in some cases. The program may also be used to construct 'adult' games (sometimes referred to as HKiSS), and has a sizable following within the online Hentai community.


While there are numerous techniques for producing KiSS Dolls, the most commonly employed method is to generate figures and clothing on a layered graphics program (Photoshop, Gimp), then convert the layers into 'cels' via a KiSS Converter (such as TLCKV). The resulting composite image can then be viewed (and played with) on a KiSS Viewer (eg DirectKiSS). Converters, Editors and Viewers are all freeware, available for download from various enthusiast sites, most notably OtakuWorld's Big Kiss Page (see external links).

During the drawing phase, the various objects included in the image are arranged in layers one above the other, starting with the background, followed by the main figure(s), and then various articles of clothing (eg, bra and panties, stockings and shoes, skirt and blouse, etc). There is virtually no limit to the number of layers which can be incorporated in the image; Japanese KiSS artists have been known to include several hundred separate items of clothing with a single doll.

Once the image is complete, it can then be transferred into KiSS format using the appropriate Converter. Each photoshop layer automatically becomes a Kisekae 'cel', following the same order as in the original. Every cel is, in effect, a free-floating entity which can be manipulated by the user with a simple click of the mouse. When the composite file is opened in a KiSS viewer, the user can dress (and undress) the doll at will. The element of nudity involved in the process contributes to the game's popularity; many Japanese dolls incude fetishistic and penetrative objects as part of the 'standard model', so to speak.


16 piece jigsaw puzzle in KiSS format. Each individual section can be moved independently to form a single image.

Due to the system being relatively unknown outside the doll-making community, very few spanking-themed KiSS Dolls have been produced at this time (although pornographic games form a significant proportion of the overall consumer demographic). Nevertheless, a few "SPANKiss" games have recently begun to appear online, especially in venues with a large amateur membership (Anime OTK, Underground Animations etc). While these early entries are mostly simple experiments, the program offers the possibility for more sophisticated work, and the freeware status makes it accessible to a potentially huge user base.

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