Katarina Kaufmann

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Katarina Kaufmann.

Katarina Kaufmann is a Californian model and spanking actress best known for her authentic domestic discipline videos. She is commonly known as Cali or Cali-Cuti, a screen name that stuck with her from her early days of posting her hobbyist clips on Spanking Tube. Her nickname "Cali" is short for California, because Katarina had lived in/out of California a good part of her high school career.

She and her husband Heinz Kaufmann live a spanking lifestyle as a domestic discipline couple. Many other couples have learned from their videos as well as been delighted over the fact that a real couple has put themselves out there and brought notoriety and acceptance to the domestic discipline lifestyle, and that DD can be firm and loving at the same time. Many other couples have followed her lead on bringing real life DD videos to the spanking community.

Katarina was first known for her outdoor spanking videos in 2008, but she also enjoys a fun role play every now and then. Her videos have something for everyone and include just about every traditional implement. In a recent interview, Katarina revealed how her spanking model career has grown to include professional writing, a new single model website, webcam shows, as well as making “couples” videos for other companies.

Katarina also maintains a blog called Loving Domestic Discipline (formerly calispankings.blogspot.com).