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Bathing woman and Cupid, image from Leonhardt's collection.
Hand writing of Karl Ludwig Leonhardt, a quotation of Schopenhauer.

Karl Ludwig Leonhardt (1922-2007) was a German lector, translator, writer, head of the editorial office of the publishing company Bertelsmann, co-owner of Gala Verlag, and a connoisseur and collector of erotic books and erotic art. His personal library contained over 20.000 erotic works. He practically owned a copy of every erotic book printed in the 18th century, 19th century, and a large part of the 20th century.[1]

Leonhardt also wrote books about the history of erotic art and literature under the pseudonym Ludwig von Brunn, such as Ars Erotica in three volumes.

Selling of Leonhardt's collection[edit]

After Leonhardt's death, his unequalled collection was sold and auctioned. It also included spanking novels and spanking art.

  • 2009: French part of the collection auctioned at Pierre Bergé, Paris
  • 2012: German and other language part of the collection auctioned at Zisska+Schauer, Munich


The following are some examples of spanking art, by unknown artists, from Leonhardt's collection.


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