Kami Tora

From Spanking Art

Kami Tora, (紙虎, かみとら Paper Tiger) sometimes spelled Kamitora, is a BDSM, hardcore sex, futanari, fetish and spanking artist who works in anime style.

Kami Tora has participated in a few doujinshis and American adult comics.

He has a gallery of spanking images on Anime OTK, and his own free website (which mainly features hardcore sex drawings). His spankee characters are often teenagers, both boys, girls, and futanari-style hermaphrodites. Though Kami Tora also uses a setting called Matrix University where many of their tertiary school young adults spankees attend.


I am not a "spanking artist" in that I don't delve into the subculture of spanking as an end (no pun) in itself. Spanking to me is generally an appetizer, not a main course.
  — Kami Tora