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Königswalzer is a German movie from 1955, directed by Viktor Tourjansky. It is a remake of the 1935 film of the same name. The English title is Waltz King.


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The film is a romantic comedy telling a side episode of the famous marriage of Pricess Elisabeth ("Sissi") and Prince Franz Joseph I of Austria.

The spanking scene[edit]

A master confectioner's daughter, Theres Tomasoni (Marianne Koch) falls in love with Count Ferdinand von Tettenbach (Michael Cramer). The two want to get married. But Theres's younger sister Anni (Sabine Hahn) destroys their plans by claiming the Count had made an approach to her, upon which King Maximilian (Hans Fitz) orders him to marry Anni instead. When Anni learns what consequences her story has brought, she finally confesses her lie to Theres and her father (Joe Stöckel).

After she has told the whole truth (and her motive, being that she wanted to show that she is no longer a child), she meekly asks, "Was wird'n jetzt gscheng?" (What's going to happen now?). Her father replies, "Was jetzt gscheng wird? Des wirst du gleich erleben!" (You'll see right now what's going to happen!"). He pulls the girl over his lap and spanks her. Theres, still crying, joins her father in spanking Anni (MF/F). The door opens and the girl's little brother enters, bringing news that the officer is returning. Theres leaves the room. Her father continues giving Anni a few more spanks until the boy begs him to stop. Anni is released, crying hard.

Sabine Hahn was born in 1935, she was 20 when the film was made.

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