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Externally hosted image on Handprints: Drawings Gallery #44
F/f spanking drawing from the K series.

K is the pseudonym (possibly the initial?) of an artist who created girl spanking art drawings, sometimes collectively called the "K series".

K's drawings are inked, cartoon style, and on the harsh side. The punished girls in the drawings are often completely nude and sometimes restrained with bondage for their spanking. Note that in some countries, some of K's artwork which has elements of what a court may consider "sadomasochistic abuse" could fall under child pornography definitions. In most countries however, cartoon child spanking drawings that don't show any sexual content like K's will not be considered child pornography even if they do have "BDSM" elements such as bondage.

K may be Eastern European, possibly from Czech Republic. Some of the images are signed with the date '98.