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JuanOneOne is a male author of spanking stories, exclusively of the F/f variety. His stories have been posted on the newsgroup soc.sexuality.spanking and are archived at Haley Brimley's Down in the Den and the Library of Spanking Fiction.

All of Juan's stories are fiction; in fact Juan himself intensely dislikes the nonconsensual disciplinary spanking of children (many other spanking story authors feel similarly), as can be seen from his standard disclaimer which accompanies each of his stories:

This is just fiction. Hitting children is cruel and counterproductive. If you haven’t read my stories before, be forewarned that you will find nothing heartwarming within.

Often, the adults in Juan's stories are quite gullible or seem to otherwise be lacking full mental faculties. His stories utilize various literary devices that not only lend a quirky signature to his writings, but also serve to emphasize the fictionality of the story:

  • Theme and Variations: Or..., which repeats the same short theme over and over (a daughter spanked by her mother for bringing home a nearly-perfect report card), suggests a different motive for the spanking in each case.
  • Absurdist Fiction: This device is prevalent in several of Juan's stories. The light-hearted, nonchalant actions of the protagonists often defy belief and acceptable boundaries of behavior, leading to a severe spanking (or several spankings) for no apparent reason.
  • Poetic Justice: A Simple Plan, in which the protagonist (a teenage girl) suggests to another mother that she spank her daughter as often and as severely as possible to demonstrate her love. The gullible mother agrees, but also, in gratitude, later passes on the same suggestion to the protagonist's mother, who then implements the same routine for her own daughter (and passes on the suggestion to many other mothers).


Book I: Warm Relations

  • The Committee
  • Becky’s Castle: part I
  • Becky’s Castle: part II: Jane’s House
  • Becky’s Castle: part III: Video Night

Book II: Fairytales

  • Goldilocks and the Bares
  • Little Red Riding Hood

Book III: Domestic Duties

  • The New Housemaid
  • The Ballad of New Nanny

Book IV: Spanked Schoolgirls

  • The Speech Impediment
  • Jogging in the Gym
  • Bonnie Loses Her Pants
  • The Champion

Book V: Over Her Mommy’s Knee

  • The Spanking Competition
  • The Wager
  • The Collector
  • Birthday Spanking
  • Wet Grass
  • A Simple Plan
  • Or..."