Johann Peter Hasenclever

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Der erste Schultag (1852).

Johann Peter Hasenclever (1810-1853) was a German painter.

One of his preferred subjects were school scenes, of which he made at least 20 paintings since 1837. These range from lessons of a private tutor to rural school scenes. Several of these works depict the schoolmaster in the stereotypical situation of administering corporal punishment.

The humorous-satirical genre style of Hasenclever is reflected in the paintings of Carl Spitzweg and the drawings of Wilhelm Busch. Busch had met Hasenclever in Düsseldorf, and both artists worked on common material such as the Jobsiade.

Selected works (school scenes)[edit]

  • Hieronymus Jobs als Schulmeister (1845)
  • Der erste Schultag (1852), also known as Lasset die Kindlein zu mir kommen

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