Jimmy Holloway

From Spanking Art
Your bottom doesn't have to be as beautiful as Jimmy Holloway's, but if it is, it'll help.
  — Pandora Blake

Jimmy Holloway is an English spanking actor and photographer.


In February 2012, Dreams of Spanking released 'Punishment By Proxy', an M/F, F/M spanking video featuring Zoe Montana as a school teacher and Jimmy Holloway and Pandora Blake as a school boy and school girl. Fed up with having to repeatedly punish her two students, Zoe instructs Jimmy and Pandora to punish each other, whilst she carries on with her marking. First Jimmy takes Pandora over his knee and spanks her with a hairbrush, before the roles are reversed (see also mutual spanking). However the school teacher ends up punishing both students anyway, when she decides they aren't spanking hard enough.

Since then, Dreams of Spanking have included Jimmy Holloway in a large number of videos and photo-sets, featuring F/M, M/F and M/M scenarios.