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Luc Lafnet (1920).

Luc Lafnet (1899-1939) was a Belgian artist and illustrator. He studied painting and graphic arts at the Académie des Beaux-Arts de Liège. "Among his teachers were Émile Berchmans and Adrien de Witte. His technical mastery of the etching process made Luc Lafnet the obvious heir of the great Belgian etchers of the previous generation, Félicien Rops, Armand Rassenfosse, Henri Thomas and Fernand Khnopff, and like them he was naturally drawn to a Symbolist aesthetic." (Idbury Prints)

In 1922 he won the Prix Donnay. In 1923, he got married to Jeanne van Malderen and they moved to Paris. There he became closely associated with artists such as Jean Hélion, with whom he exhibited.

Like Félicien Rops, Luc Lafnet was drawn to erotic and fetishistic subject matter, in partictular to spanking art. He illustrated erotic literature and BDSM stories including F/f, F/M and M/F spanking stories. In such publications he used pseudonyms such as Jim Black, Viset (when working for the publisher Jean Fort (Collection des Orties Blanches)), Grim and Lucas O. Some of his drawings published under the pseudonym Jim Black showed bare breasts, daring for the 1930s. He aslo went by the pseudonyms of Rich and Pol. He also did some enema art. He produced many cartoons under the name of Davine.

In contrast to this erotic work, Lafnet also created Stations of the Cross for various churches. In 1938, he did the artwork for mainstream comics such as the popular Belgian magazine Le Journal de Spirou. In 1939, the artist was sent into war where he died the same year, aged 40.

Incidentally, "Luc" is "cul", the French word for buttocks, read backwards.

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Luc Lafnet illustrated the novels:

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