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Jessica is a popular spanking actress and fetish model who performs mostly as a spankee on the specialized website Spanking Teen Jessica by the producer (and related spin-off sites). A fresh-faced and fair-skinned redhead covered in freckles, she specializes in playing juvenile roles (as a cheerleader, schoolgirl, etc.). She is, of course, 18+ years in all photos and videos.

Jessica has made many videos with Brandi on her site and for Spanking Teen Brandi. Usually they play misbehaving juveniles who are punished together, but sometimes Jessica takes on the role of disciplinarian.

Spanking videos[edit]

  • Brandi & Jessica Ditch School (Spanking Teen Brandi), Brandi
  • Bratting In The Chat Room (Spanking Teen Jessica, 2002), Jessica and Brandi spank each other, photos
  • Caught Drinking (Spanking Teen Jessica), alcohol violation.
  • Caught Skipping (Spanking Teen Jessica), truancy tale
  • Cell Phone Punishment (Spanking Teen Jessica)
  • Ditching and Shoplifting Earn Jessica the Cane (Spanking Teen Jessica), stealing
  • Home Early from School (Spanking Teen Jessica), spanked for lying
  • Jessica & Brandi Caught Smoking (Spanking Teen Brandi), Brandi
  • Jessica Breaks The Class Rules (Spanking Teen Jessica), photos
  • Jessica Breaks Curfew (Spanking Teen Jessica), curfew story, photos
  • Jessica Gets Caught Skipping School (Spanking Teen Jessica), truancy story
  • Jessica Punished for Skipping Out on a Test (Spanking Teen Jessica), examination story
  • Jessica is Spanked for Smoking (Spanking Teen Jessica), smoking
  • Jessica Spanked for Ditching (Spanking Teen Jessica), truancy theme.
  • Jessica: Spanked For Her Attitude (Spanking Teen Jessica), attitude, photos
  • Paddled for Cursing (Spanking Teen Jessica)
  • Painful Summer (Spanking Teen Jessica, 2005), Brandi, photos
  • Punished with Teen Jessica (Spanking Teen Brandi), Brandi
  • Spanked for Being Late (Spanking Teen Jessica), tardy tale.
  • Spanked with the Carpet Beater (Spanking Teen Jessica), photos