Jean Vergerie

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Title page of Férocités sensuelles (1935).
Title page of L'Île des vamps (1938).

Jean Vergerie is the pseudonym of a French author who published sadomasochistic stories in the 1930s in the Collection de l'Églantine.


  • Férocités sensuelles (1935). Illustrated by Lany-R and Sao-Chang.
  • Tortures et lubricité (1935). Illustrated by Lany-R and Sao-Chang.
  • Le Couvent des tortures (1936). Illustrated by Sao-Chang.
  • Goules et vampires (1936). Illustrated by Sao-Chang
  • La Clinique des cauchemars, R. Ballani (1937). Illustrated by Sadie-Mazo.
  • L'Enfer des voluptés, (1937). Illustrated by Sadie-Mazo. Reissued under the title Histoire de Priska, Éditions de l'Hippogriffe (Losfeld, c. 1955).
  • L'Île des vamps, (1938). Illustrated by Sadie-Mazo.

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