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Jean Agélou (1878 – 1921) was a French photographer of the 1910s and 20s, best known for his erotic and nude photographs made at the beginning of the 20th century. His work also includes spanking in photography.

Agélou was born in Alexandria, Egypt, on 16 October 1878. He signed his works "JA". He began publishing his work in the magazine L'Étude académique, which was theoretically intended for artists, but that had 20,000 subscribers, and subsequently published his own postcards. The age of his models ranged from 20 to 24 years, and one was only 14 years, which was legal under the law of 16 March 1899. After 1908, his model Fernande (probably Fernande Barrey, 1893-1960) became also his lover.

Jean Agélou died in 1921 in a car accident with his brother George, at the age of 43 years.


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