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Ch 1. Growing Up Again


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Ch 2. Paco's Bad Penny Day


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Ch 3. First Day's Penny Lessons


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Ch 4. Healthy and Obedient Penny's


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Ch 5. Shopping at the Penny Mall


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Ch 6. Back to School


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Ch 7. Protect the Innocent


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Ch 8. Trials and Tribulations


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Ch 9. Consequences Hit The Fan


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Ch 10. Moral Compass Monday


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Ch 11. Momma's Boys


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Ch 12. What Goes Around


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Ch 13. New Beginnings


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Ch 14. A Musical Saturday


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Ch 15. Complications

Jade growing up again is a multi-chapter spanking graphic novel written by, and commissioned by, RedDragon, and drawn by the Palcomix team. The work was started in 2008 and is still ongoing. It is based on Lurking Dragon's science fiction Rejuve Universe setting and recasts Jade Chan and Paco of Jackie Chan Adventures and Punky Brewster of Punky Brewster as pennies.

The first three chapters of Jade growing up again used the series title Jade Chan Adventures, as the first chapter was started as part 3 of a Palcomix series on Jade Chan that had begun with Jade Chan Adventures and Jade Chan Adventures: Caught Trespassing (but which have completely different story lines). This title was dropped in chapter four of Jade growing up again.


Spoiler warning

This story is based on being a prequel to Melody's Stories while the alien rejuve technology is still limited to a single isolationist human colony. It is set in the late 25th century when a small team of starfeet personnel are assigned to investigate the disappearance of an embassy ship sent to what was believed to be Paradiso, a colony planet that was thought to have perished in a plague a 145 years ago. But instead they find themselves pawns between isolationist survivors and a mysterious dark element in their own government.

On arriving at Paradiso, The team attempted to slip part the unexpected Early Warning systems only to be detected and stopped by orbital police. As the mission was supposed to be top secret they broke quarantine procedures, entered Paradiso airspace and attempted to land but were captured upon arrival.

The main protagonists were then tried and sentenced to Judicial Rejuvenation, requiring that they be forced to endure a string of sequential childhoods under the care of Jailor-like parents and regularly spanked as per the conditions, rules and conventions established in Melody's Stories.

At current there is also a side-story where agents from Paradiso and its sister colonies are under attack from the federation for political views. A team from Paradiso has been dispatched, working to find out and prevent the Federation plot that got the main protagonist in trouble. Jade, Punky and Paco (the main protagonists) discover that before launching they had been infected with a highly contagious and devastating disease.


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Jade Chan of Jackie Chan Adventures as Lt. Jade Chan/Jade 'Jaydee' Christina Cummings
a penny sentenced to 4-8x6 to 12.
Punky Brewster of Punky Brewster as Lt. Punky Brewster/Natalie Marie Cummings
a penny sentenced to 4-8x6 to 12.
Paco of Jackie Chan Adventures as Lt. Paco Fuertes/Anthony Steven Campbell
a penny sentenced to 4-8x6 to 12.
Viper of Jackie Chan Adventures as Jennifer 'Jennie' Cummings
Jaydee's and Natalie's court assigned mother.
Mr. Cummings
Jaydee's and Natalie's court assigned father.
Madeline 'Maddie' Campbell
Anthony's court assigned mother.
Mr. Campbell
Anthony's court assigned father. and domestic discipline bottom to his wife.


1. Growing Up Again (F/f, M/f
The initial story where the protagonists are captured and sentenced as well as the first experiences and spankings. Focuses on Jade and Punky's experiences.
2. Pacos Bad Penny Day (F/m, M/m
The immediate follow taking place at the same time as chapter one, starting at Paco's rejuvenation and the subsequent problems as he is forced to adjust to being a child again. Paco gets a lot more spankings than Jade or Punky as he is more resistant to the idea that he is now stuck as a child, and swears and curses his new parents.
3. First Day's Penny Lessons (F/f, M/f, F/m, M/m) 
The day immediately or closely following the judicial rejuvenation - the Penitatas are now allowed outside the house and Punky and Jade discover they are Paco's neighbors. Over the course of the chapter the protagonists are shown and instructed on what is expected of pennies, how the rules work and start home schooling to re-teach their bodies the basic motor skills lost during the rejuvenation.
4. Healthy and Obedient Penny's (F/m, F/f, M/m, M/f) 
The main protagonists are taken to the doctors for vaccinations and shots, and the parents learn about the potentially fatal disease the protagonists had unwittingly been carrying. This is explained to the children and an investigation launched. Later the children go to the local aquatic center and meet and interact with other penitatas.
5. Shopping at the Penny Mall (F/m, F/f, M/f) 
Almost the entirety of this chapter is spent at the local penny mall, where items can be purchased for the raising and punishment of penitatas. They meet other pennies, learn that not all children in the area are pennies and even meet people who dislike the penitatas system. The point is carefully elaborated that the court appointed parents are there as much to protect their charges from potential threats as to repeatedly spank them.
6. Back to School (F/m , F/f, M/m, M/f) 
First day of school. A large number of the cameos that had only been seen now get named, their sentences elaborated on and identified as classmates of the main protagonists. The author also uses this opportunity to establish Rinni as Paco's potential 'Love Interest' and elaborate on his interpretation of the school system for penitatas.
7. Protect the Innocent (M/f, M/m, f/m, m/f
As Jade & crew go about their day, a Paradiso intel team rescues the survivors of a bioweapon attack and captures the perpetrators. Paco's family takes in one of the two survivors, a medicalos rejuve.
8. Trials and Tribulations (F/m, M/m, M/f, f/doll, m/doll) 
Robert learns the do's and don'ts of the house on his own after Paco goes to school. The captured agents of Pizgarlen are convicted and sentenced. Rinni and Alexander get their booster shots in preparation for their new off-world 'sisters' during school. Jaydee and Natalie have Samantha and Malcolm over for a slumber party where all four are punished.
9. Consequences Hit the Fan (m/Doll f/doll, F/f, F/m, M/m) 
Natalie and Malcolm learn that Tom Sawyer is a bad role model for pennies, while Paco and Robert get preventative spankings in preparation to a visit to the rejuve center.
10. Moral Compass Monday (M/f, F/m, F/f)
Earth's Starfleet starts to find clues to a Pizgarlen cover-up involvement in the plague while Paradiso prepares to confront Starfleet. Robert is interviewed to to help better understand the cultural differences and needs of the refugee kindern. The Pizgarlen penitatas further their adaptions to life as young pennies, while Malcolm and Natalie's class have a special final lesson on pennies and lying via omission.
11. Momma's Boys (F/m, M/m) 
The first grade boys have swimming lessons where the rules are enforced in normal penny style. While Robert has his kindergarten pre-evaluations. While a the pool the Boy's mothers talk about what their boys have been up too, flashbacks included.
12. What Goes Around (F/m, /f F/f, f/m m/f) 
Robert plans to spend the day in a kindern rated park with Teddy and the mecha kids. It's made clear to Robert that in rejuves in rejuve areas can be expected to be spanked in public if they misbehave in public (illustrated with flashbacks to Paco and Jade being so punished) but Kindern rated areas such spankings would be delayed till they were back home. Jade and he female classmates spend some time together in the park. their chatter include taking about playing spanking games with their close male classmates (including flashbacks). Mean while Paradiso agents implement their plans to bring those responsible behind Pizgarlen to justice.
13. New Beginnings (F/m, F/f , f/m) 
After a heart attack over a misinterpretation of Jade's fate, The Admiral—now a seven-year old medicalos girl called Kristi— gets her own introduction into the life of a Rejuve. Robert experiences his first day of rejuve kindergarten.
14. A Musical Saturday (M/m, F/f, m/f, f/m, M/f, F/m) 
Pizgarlen Executives are brought to Paradiso to face their crimes. Meanwhile, the main characters' families get ready for the annual Scottish games festival, and Robert has a play date with Cherie and Kirsten. The Admiral-turned-medicalos Kristi is also briefly featured, and soon-to-be penitatas Vallen and Annabelle's rejuvenations are planned.
15. Complications (F/m, M/m, F/f, M/f, F/doll) 
Steven gets anxiety over his new sister arriving soon, and thinks his parents will abandon him, causing him to require extra counseling and spankings to get his remaining fears from his kindernhood out. During a counseling session with Lana, Steven recalls a strange contest he had at the park with Jaydee, which inevitably resulted in the two of them spanked, along with Samantha and Malcolm who accompanied them as judges. The two Pizgarlen executives, Vallen and Annabelle, are rejuved, Vallen becoming the Y-rep Valerie. Kristi's assistant learns more about Paradisio's rejuve culture from Marybell, and Kristi herself passes over command of her fleet to another crew member.
16. Epiphany (F/f, M/f, F/m, M/m) 
Kristi meets her future parents and sister, and gets a brief lecture about the importance of assimilation in rejuves. Another flashback to the principal's office occurs, featuring Elizabeth, Mikey and Atsui, Cherie and Kirsten, and most prominently, Jaydee and Rinni. The aforementioned first graders get a long spanking and lecture from both Mrs. Perskova and Mr. Longshore, ultimately causing Jaydee to have her first major epiphany about her behavior and how it affects herself and her friends. Jaydee receives a series of spankings to help her through her tearful guilt, and then the story shifts to focus on Raven, who is preparing herself to be an older sister to the medicalos admiral once he's rejuved back into a boy again. Raven has difficulties with her 4-step, which results in the preschool attendants Cherry and Isadora to treat her like one of theirs until she can learn properly. A new technology is introduced in this chapter, called a Pee-per, a small bird-shaped device that attaches to the front of a child's diaper and lets off an alarm to let anyone around them know the child has wet themselves.
17. Welcome Home (f/m) 
Kristi is prepared for her rejuvenation back into a boy again to be placed with the Darksong family.

License and layout[edit]

Jade growing up again, like all non-VIP comics from Palcomix, is free to use (including commercial use) provided that the work is not altered. When asked in the past about an explicit license, Palcomix usually agreed to licensing their non-VIP work under the Creative Commons license CC-BY-ND.

The comic uses a fixed page format in portrait orientation. In chapters 1 to 7 the pages measure 800 x (roughly) 1158 pixels, from chapter 8 onwards the page size was increased to about of 1024 x (roughly) 1447 pixels. Each page (except the title page) is subdivided into four panels in a grid. Each of these four panels is roughly of the same proportions as the page but a quarter its size.

The comic is fully colorized. Each chapter has a title page. The chapters are of different lengths, so far ranging between 25 pages and 105 pages.

Differences to Lurking Dragon's Rejuve Universe[edit]

  • All primary characters are recasts of existing cartoon characters.
  • The rejuve type signs on the back of the hands are not silver but black and tattooed.
  • Rejuves and Kindern wear a Securband, which is a bio-tronic skin insert worn around the neck like a collar. It can not be taken off. It monitors the child's vitals and is used for identification, among other things.
  • Kindern are called 'Kidern'.
  • Adults wear futuristic catsuits while children wear clothes like those of the early 1900s (girls dresses, boys sailor suits, or traditional school uniforms). Children's swimwear, buildings and furniture looks like that of the late 20th century.
  • Spanking paddles are very thin and big, and seem to be made of an acrylic material instead of plastic. Switches are similarly designed, with an outward appearance that suggests a synthetic material other than wood, with a handle on the end.
  • CornerStools look like hovering chairs, with a back but no legs, and have no pyramids on the seat to make sitting uncomfortable. In later chapters, heart-shaped covers look to be used on the CornerStools that contain spikes similar to the pyramid patterns from Lurking Dragon's interpretation.
  • The Confederation of Humanity is being called the Federation.


Spunking is a series of 16 concept drawings by Palcomix that were commissioned by RedDragon in preparation to the comic project Jade growing up again. He commissioned the pictures describing the position and angles so he could build a working relationship with Palcomix in understanding what each other meant. This understanding was the foundation for the writing of the scripts for the comic.


This comic is now archived on two locations, Palcomix and Boyz Being Boyz, and has been mirrored with permission.

Ch 1. Growing Up Again 26 pages BBB PALCOMIX  Warning: 18+
Ch 2. Paco's Bad Penny Day 25 pages BBB PALCOMIX  Warning: 18+
Ch 3. First Day's Penny Lessons 38 pages BBB PALCOMIX  Warning: 18+
Ch 4. Healthy and Obedient Penny's 48 pages BBB PALCOMIX  Warning: 18+
Ch 5. Shopping at the Penny Mall 47 pages BBB PALCOMIX  Warning: 18+
Ch 6. Back to School 51 pages + 7 bonus pages BBB PALCOMIX  Warning: 18+
Ch 7. Protect the Innocent 60 pages BBB PALCOMIX  Warning: 18+
Ch 8. Trials and Tribulations 63 pages BBB PALCOMIX  Warning: 18+
Ch 9. Consequences Hit The Fan 105 pages BBB PALCOMIX  Warning: 18+
Ch 10. Moral Compass Monday 63 pages BBB PALCOMIX  Warning: 18+
Ch 11. Momma's Boys 64 pages BBB PALCOMIX  Warning: 18+
Ch 12. What Goes Around 63 pages BBB PALCOMIX  Warning: 18+
Ch 13. New Beginnigs 61 pages BBB PALCOMIX  Warning: 18+
Ch 14. A Musical Saturday 66 pages BBB PALCOMIX  Warning: 18+
Ch 15. Complications 63 pages BBB PALCOMIX  Warning: 18+
Ch 16. Epiphany 66 pages PALCOMIX  Warning: 18+
Ch. 17 Welcome Home ?? pages PALCOMIX  Warning: 18+