Jacqueline Ophir

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Jacqueline Ophir (?-2006) was a spanking author whose works were published by AKS Books.

Jacqueline Ophir was the driving force behind the magazine The Governess and wrote many disciplinary novels under her Ophir name. She also wrote under the pen name of Louise Malatesta. Her pseudonym was derived from feminising the name of the great 1920s writer and artist Louis Malteste.

She died in October 2006 after a brief battle against cancer.


As Jacqueline Ophir:

  • The Governess: Journal of the Alice Kerr-Sutherland Society (Jacqueline Ophir et al.)
  • Sweet Retribution (1995) ISBN 978-1899861026
  • The House in St. John's Wood (1995) illustrated by Curtus, ISBN 978-1899861019
  • The Fellowship of the Rod: The Lambercier Inheritance (1995) ISBN 978-1899861040
  • Tales of the Unbreeched (1996) ISBN 978-1899861088
  • A Perfect Mistress (2002) ISBN 978-1899861156
  • The Song of the Cane ISBN 978-1899861170

As Louise Malatesta:

  • The Lost Breeches, illustrated by Curtus, ISBN 978-1899861149
  • Across My Lady's Knee, illustrated by Curtus, ISBN 978-1899861118
  • The Queen of the Grove (1993) ISBN 978-0951826836
  • Chateau Soumission: The House of Submission & Other Tales of Discipline (2001) ISBN 978-1899861101
  • A Determined Woman (2006) ISBN 978-1899861552
  • My Mistress Has a Cane: The Memoirs of a Lady Disciplinarian's Confidential Maid (2006) ISBN 978-1899861545
  • The Tower Room: A Romance of Feminine Dominance and Corporal Punishment (2006) ISBN 978-1899861538