Jack of All Trades

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Episode segment from "X Marquis the Spot".

Jack of All Trades is a syndicated adventure-comedy series that ran for two short seasons (22 episodes in all) in 2000-2001. It stars Bruce Campbell (also the show's producer) and Angela Dotchin.

Set in 1801 on a fictional French-controlled island in the Pacific, Jack Stiles (Campbell) is an American secret agent who leads a double life as the swashbuckling Daring Dragoon, a Zorro-like masked hero.

Jack's partner is beautiful English spy Emilia Rothschild (Dotchin). Together, they go on a series of secret missions, often under cover, to thwart agents working for Napoleon and prevent other political or military threats to the United States and England.


In the episode "X Marquis the Spot", Jack and Emilia must infiltrate a private couples-only event at the Marquis de Sade's estate on Agony Island to retrieve the stolen crown of King George III. As all couples must be either masters or pets, Emilia poses as a dominatrix with Jack as her leather-clad doggie slave (complete with collar and chain). The guests are all D/s couples of every gender combination (M/F, F/M, F/F, and M/M).

The main event is the Triathlon of Pain, an S&M themed obstacle course race that parodies the "immunity challenge" contests from the reality show Survivor.

At the end of the episode Emilia shows Jack a flogger she has taken from the island and threatens to use it on him if he gets out of line.

Spanking/whipping scenes[edit]

As the guests mingle on the patio, there are several glimpes of both male and female "pets" being whipped and paddled by masters and mistresses. Most crawl about on all fours behaving like cats or dogs.

The triathlon includes a running the gauntlet segment. Jack carries Emilia on his back past a row of men and women armed with floggers. She screams as her ass gets whipped several times. The same thing happens to a German couple (Herr Ruffhauser and his doggie slave, Helga), and two French men. At several points during the race the masters (and mistress) use a riding crop on their pets.

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