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Drawing by JPC (FF/FF, 2005).
Colorized drawing by JPC (FF/F, 2003).

JPC is a contemporary Belgian artist who specializes in F/F spanking drawings and comics. He also uses the nickname JPOTK. The artist speaks French and English.

His style shows influence by the cartoon although it is in many ways more realistic than most cartoons are. He usually works purely in pencil and includes many background details, filling the entire drawing space.

The artist's characters are generally good-looking, slim and curved young women, and his drawings almost exclusively concern F/F depictions of a young woman (or an older teenager) being spanked by another young woman. Some of his artworks show historic scenes (e.g. a birching or spanking with a martinet in former centuries) while others show contemporary, modern scenes.

Although primarily a F/F artist, JPC also draws F/M and M/M artwork as well. He recently started working in colors as well.

Naughty Angel[edit]

JPC did some spanking animations and also a comic strip titled Naughty Angel about a teenaged (adult?) girl who manages to get herself always in trouble, in contrast to her sisters Julia and Daisy who are much better behaved and never need to get punished by her mother. The comic (which is also done completely in pencil) has a distinct style that is free from the traditional panel layout and makes interesting (and funny) use of symbols to express thoughts, emotions and even dialogs.