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Isabella Sinclaire is a fetish actress, professional dominatrix, and the owner of GwenMedia, a Los Angeles-based producer of fetish clothing and hardcore BDSM videos.

Isabella Sinclaire on televison[edit]

Sinclaire also appeared as a sort of S&M consultant in the Spike TV quasi-reality show 1000 Ways to Die (2009). The episode depicted a male bondage slave visiting a dominatrix and dying from a latex allergy. She provided comments about the bondage lifestyle. (This segment can be watched on YouTube.)

In the fall of 2009 she also appeared as a latex-clad dominatrix in a tongue-in-cheek television commercial airing in the U.S. for Wonderful Pistachios. In the ad, she places a single pistachio on a chair, steps back, then cracks open the nut with a single lash from a long whip. The voice-over tag line is "Dominatrices do it on command." This is part of a series of "Get Crackin'" ads featuring celebrities who open pistachio nuts in their own unique way.

Sinclaire also did a several humorous promos for the ad and appears in a behind-the-scenes featurette about making the commercial that can be watched on YouTube.