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Ireland, in relation to Europe and the world.

Ireland, officially the Republic of Ireland (Irish: Poblacht na hÉireann), is a country in Europe. Politically, fifth-sixths of the island of Ireland are occupied by the Republic of Ireland, while the remainder in the northeast, called Northern Ireland, is part of the United Kingdom (UK). The population of the Republic of Ireland is close to 4.6 million. Its capital and largest city is Dublin. Its official languages are Irish (Gaelic) and English, of which the latter is predominantly used today. Ireland is governed by a parliamentary republic, with the President as the head of state and the Taoiseach as the head of government. It is also a member of the European Union.

Ireland gained independence from the UK in 1922 after a war which resulted in the Anglo-Irish Treaty, with Northern Ireland exercising an option to remain in the UK. Ireland became a fully independent republic in 1949. It is now a highly developed country and is one of the richest countries in the world in terms of gross domestic product per capita.

The Irish emigrated to other countries in the past centuries - around 12% of the population of the United States report Irish ancestry while Irish Australians form about 9% of Australia's population.

Spanking in Ireland[edit]

Spanking has a great tradition in Ireland. The most popular spanking implements in Ireland were the belt, the strap (see Irish school strap), and the cane. Irish boys and girls were often subject to harsh corporal punishment both in the home and at school.

As in all of Europe, spanking children has decreased a lot in Ireland in the 20th century. Still, there is a particular high interest in the subject of spanking today, as revealed by Google Trends.

Irish spanking art[edit]

There is no known spanking artist from Ireland so far, and no known spanking magazine. This may be connected to the fact that there is also little pornography that has come out of Ireland.

The following affiliated spanking video producers (under parent company Fullforce Productions) are all based in County Longford.

Spanking videos[edit]

Below is a selection of videos featuring Irish subjects, implements, and performers: Kaytlin Davis, Philip Johnson, Dublin O’Brien, Essie Quinn (a.k.a. Irish Essie), Sinead Tennant, Mary Parker.

  • Matron Punishes Essie, Part One: Hand Spanking (At Home with Miss Iceni), Irish Essie (Quinn), nurse, alcohol, photos
  • Matron Punishes Essie, Part Two: Caning (At Home with Miss Iceni), Irish Essie, photos
  • St. Patrick's Day Spanking (Spanking Veronica Works), fantasy with Veronica Ricci as a leprechaun, photos
  • St. Patrick's Day Spanking from Mom (Girl Spanks Girl), Clare Fonda, Ashley Lane, photos
  • Tales From the Reformatory: 271943 Mathews, C.: Evening Chastisement (SoundPunishment), Irish ferula, photos

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