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A room that badly fails inspection

An inspection is a formal or official examination to see if everything is as it should, or if there are any flaws that need to be attended to.

Often, an inspection is a physical examination of an object, a room or a person to see if it is perfectly clean and in proper condition.

In boarding schools, reformatories, training camps, in prisons, the military, the navy and similar institutions, inmates are usually subject to formal inspections on a regular or irregular basis. If anything is found unsatisfactory, it has to be corrected and there may or may not be additional punishment.

An inspection is a typical scenario whenever somebody is given authority over other people to enforce certain rules or laws, or whenever someone has special qualifications that allow him or her to find potential causes of problems.

To pass a formal or informal inspection is also called to pass muster.

Special cases of inspection[edit]

Cars and buildings are inspected to examine their condition. This is done to determine their value and/or to see if anything needs repair.

Well into the 20th century, inspections for cleanliness were not an uncommon daily ritual children had to undergo, at home by their parent, nanny or governess, and/or at school by their teacher before the lessons commenced. Such inspections would include checking the child's hands, fingernails, face, hair, neck, as well as their clothing and shoes. In boarding schools also the student's rooms are subject to inspections. In the adult world, similar inspections are imposed, for example, on soldiers and prisoners.

The inspection of a person's whole body, for example by law enforcement authorities to see if a person conceals any illegal objects such as drugs or weapons, usually involves nudity, which can be forced nudity if the person does not cooperate, and often spread legs when the genital and/or anal region is to be inspected.

A medical inspection is the thorough visual examination of a patient or client. It is usually part of a physical examination. The client is often naked during the inspection so his or her entire body can be inspected. Because of the embarrassment that can come with this scenario, such inspections can have an appeal to medical fetishists.

A surprise inspection is an inspection that has not been announced before. Surprise inspections are held in cases where perfection is explicitly expected at all times. Usually more faults are found this way.

Inspections in spanking literature[edit]

The Old Rectory is an example of a spanking novel in which the boys of a small private Edwardian boarding school are given embarassing and humiliating close inspections to see if they are perfectly clean everywhere and if their clothing is in perfect condition and worn correctly. Here is an excerpt from the "Dame's" speech after she had first inspected the protagonist:

Most unsatisfactory. Even on a cursory inspection and allowing for the grime and dirt of railway travel. We have much to do. But nil desperandum. I shall inspect you more fully tomorrow when you have had a chance to bath and change into a fresh set of cloths and present yourself properly. Before that however be clear about some things. I expect scrupulous attention to cleanliness from all boys in all matters...
  — The Old Rectory, chapter 1

A special case of inspection in a spanking story is inspecting the damage after a spanking.

Intimate examinations in BDSM[edit]

In BDSM, an intimate examination can form part of a scene in medical play where the dominant inflicts one or more embarrassing and humiliating quasi-medical procedures on the submissive. These may include an examination of the anus or vagina with a speculum, and handling and twisting of the penis and testes.

This may be a prelude to masturbation or administration of an enema. The sub may be placed in bondage beforehand.

Another variation comes in the form of ageplay where the guardian inspects their ward in the ability to fully clean themselves, with the implication they are lacking in the basic skills necessary. This activity can include the childish humiliation of checking on things like cleanliness of: hands, behind the ears, but also inside their underpants.

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