Inspecting the damage

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Illustration from the novel Confessions et Récits by René-Michel Desergy (1930).

Inspecting the damage is a spanking art trope that is found in spanking stories as well as spanking drawings and other art forms.

After a good spanking, especially one given with an implement on the bare bottom, the spankee inspects their hot, sore bottom, usually with the help of a mirror, for redness and marks. This inspection often takes place after the spanker has left, in privacy, such as in their room or a bathroom.

Besides the visual inspection, the spankee will also often feel the bottom with their hands, feeling the warmth, swelling, and the ridges of marks such as welts.

A variant of this trope is that the inspection takes place by another person. This can be, for example, in the case of a boarding school spanking story, a dormitory mate, who is curious to see the "damage". Or it could be an adult in charge who wishes to inspect the punished posterior.


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