In Hot Blood

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In Hot Blood (1968) is an independent sexploitation film directed by Leo J. Rhewdnal (real name Joel Landwehr). Cast: Doris Porro, Ruth Colon, Dolores, and Tom Zolfo. Filmed in black and white; running time: 59 minutes.

This is a classic example of the type of gritty, low-budget "roughies" loaded with nudity, decadence, simulated sex, and violence that were churned out by a handful of New York filmmakers in the 1960s. The film has no live sound or dialog. The story is told by voiceover narration. The soundtrack is full of stock library music, an incongruous mix of jazz and instrumental acid rock. The film uses only two rooms, plus a few brief street scenes shot in Greenwich Village.


The near-plotless story centers on Rita (Doris Porro), an exotic-looking Latin girl hired to pose for a photographer. She arrives at the studio and joins a dozen other male and female models. The scene quickly degenerates into a wild party with nude dancing, sex, drugs, sadomasochism, suggestive banana sucking, and body-painting.

Rita and her friend Roberta (Ruth Colon) get into a cat-fight with a black model, Sandy (Dolores), who tries to inject them with heroin. Sandy is knocked out and the two girls run away to Roberta's apartment. Sandy wakes up and goes looking for them with a menacing meat cleaver in her purse.

The spanking scenes[edit]

During the orgy-like party, two girls wearing leather boots and sunglasses become the dominant players. Two masochist men lay down on the floor and are caned and lashed with a loop of electrical cord. The narrator describes the scene: "The girls dig their rough boots into the soft flesh. Pain is their pleasure in this never ending search for euphoria."

Rita, her wrists loosely bound, lays on her back and is whipped across her breasts several times with the cord. She doesn't enjoy it but submits out of fear. This scene and the one before it is filmed in a perfunctory manner lacking in passion or excitement. The next scene is markedly better.

After running away to Roberta's apartment, Rita and Roberta have a lesbian liasion. Rita is bent over a chair with her hands behind her neck. Roberta whips her ass around 30 times with a folded leather belt. Nearly every impact is seen on camera. They change places and Rita, with a wild look in her eyes, gives her friend around 45 hard smacks with the belt. An unusual scene of mutual sadomasocism between two women.

DVD release[edit]

This film was reissued on DVD in 2005 by Something Weird Video as part of a special edition triple feature. The other two films on the disc are The Lusting Hours (1967) and The Ultimate Degenerate (1969).

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