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Historic illustration of whipping implements. "The figures in the upper half of this plate represent the Prison-Rod and Whipping-Post. The Rattan, Birch, and Loose Garment belong to ladies’ boarding schools in the last century. The Rule and Ferule (or “Jonathan”) were used in boy’s schools. The holes in the spatula raised blisters. Beneath are the modern Jesuit discipline with the Whipping-Post or Hurdle in Wandsworth House of Correction. On either side are Knouts of leather and of twisted cord."

A spanking implement is any object used to strike the spankee's buttocks. Some are exclusively manufactured for this purpose, such as a cane, flogger or punishment paddle. Improvised household items, such as a hairbrush, leather belt or ruler, are also frequently used for spanking. These are also known as pervertible implements. A third category involves home-made corporal punishment devices such as a birch rod, switch, and stinging nettles.

Spanking implements[edit]

Whipping instruments with their French names.

Spanking implements include:

Whipping implements[edit]

Different spanking implements.

Whipping implements include:

Sting and thud[edit]

Different implements in a contemporary BDSM dungeon.

Some spanking implements produce more "sting" while others produce more "thud". See sting and thud for more on this distinction.


A schoolgirl feels the sting of a pinewood paddle in a scene from "Final Exam" (a video by Jameslovebirch).

In 2010, we ran a poll here:

Generally speaking, which type of spanking implement do you prefer?

  • Stick-like implements (cane, switch,...)
  • Non-elastic flat implements (paddle, hairbrush,...)
  • Elastic flat implements (strap, belt,...)

This chart shows our poll results as of June 2010, after 390 votes were submitted (75/209/106):

Poll results

See also[edit]

A beach paddleball racket makes a good spanking paddle in "Final Exam".


Schoolgirl thrashed with a sassafras birch (from "Final Exam" video.