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Jump to navigationJump to search (short for Image Source, also spelled iMGSRC.RU) is a free Russian website for image hosting in English and Russian language by Skinny Bravo. Users can upload their images under a chosen nickname and other users can search for albums by keywords. Picture albums can be open or password-protected.

The site has certain rules for uploading images:

However, the site accepts image material that is usually not allowed or censored on Western image hosting sites such as nonpornographic child nudity (and half nudity, swimwear etc.), shotacon, lolicon, child spanking art and child spanking photos. It has therefore become a sharing and trading platform for such images. Many users password-protect their albums and will share "password for password" ("pass4pass", "p4p"). Some users also make open preview galleries for their password-protected albums, or use an "easy" password, i.e. one that's easy to guess.