Il Sottile Piacere

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Il Sottile Piacere is an Italian free site of BDSM stories, BDSM art and spanking art. Its webmaster is monima.

The site features:

  • "Il Gioco delle Corde" (rope play), on bondage (under construction)
  • "I miei Racconti" (my stories), BDSM stories by Alessandra and Nicoletta
  • "Gli altri Racconti" (other stories)
  • "Le mie Lettere" (my letters)
  • "La Galleria", (the gallery), a gallery of spanking and BDSM art, from vintage (the early 1900s) to contemporary (including contemporary BDSM photography)
  • "La mia Galleria" (my gallery) (under construction)

The site is done in Flash, which is why tools such as Google Translate can not be used to translate its text.