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A husband is a male married life partner, typically of his wife. In some countries today, same-sex marriages are permitted also, so strictly speaking, a husband does not need to have a wife.

Husbands in spanking art[edit]

The husband in the spankee role: "La femme qui fouette son mary" (The woman who whips her husband), French illustration from 1670.

In spanking stories and spanking art, husbands play various roles. They can be disciplinarians of their children as well as spankers or spankees of their wives.

Most societies have a history based on the principle of patriarchy; therefore husbands would traditionally have authority over their wifes. This included (in some non-western countries to the present day) the husband's legal right to administer corporal punishment to his wife when felt necessary. When this is done by agreement, is is often called domestic discipline.

This scenario is often reflected in M/F spanking art, particularly when it comes to photography such as those published in spanking magazines. However, due to the fact that many men enjoy the opposite (women dominating men), there is also a lot of F/M or femdom spanking art.

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