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Photo from Hungary (1890).

Hungary (Hungarian: Magyarország) is a country in Eastern Europe. It has a population of about 9.9 million. Its capital and largest city is Budapest. Its official language is Hungarian (also called Magyar).

The foundation of Hungary was laid in the late 9th century, and a kingdom was established in 1000 AD and lasted for 946 years. At various points in history, it was regarded as one of the cultural centers of the Western world. Hungary was partially occupied by the Ottoman Empire in the 16th and 17th century before it was integrated into the Habsburg Monarchy, and later constituted half of the empire of Austria-Hungary. Austria-Hungary was a great power in Europe until the end of World War I, when it lost much territory due to the Treaty of Trianon. Hungary was dominated by an authoritarian regime before communists took over in 1947. The communist state was overthrown by revolutions in 1989.

Hungary is now governed by a parliamentary republic with the President as the head of state and the Prime Minister as the head of government. It is one of the 30 most popular tourist destinations in the world and is home to many natural attractions. It is also a member of the European Union, the United Nations, and other international organizations.

Spanking in Hungary[edit]

Spanking in parenting and education was common in Hungary up to the early 20th century, as in most of Europe. "Spanking" is kifenekelés, elfenekelés or just fenekelés in Hungarian.

Today, both domestic and school corporal punishment is forbidden in Hungary.

Main article: Easter and spanking

On Easter Monday it’s a custom for men to spank women with specially made decorative willow whips. The symbolic spanking – not intended to hurt – is supposed to bring the women good health in the following year, and men are supposed to get an Easter treat (such as an egg or chocolate) for the favor.

Hungarian spanking art[edit]

There is no Hungarian spanking artist known so far, except for Margit Gaál who may have been Hungarian, but this is unsure.

There is a Hungarian spanking art site named Fenekelõs rajzok and a Hungarian spanking video producer named Mood Pictures (mostly harsh F/F or M/F caning).

Spanking kedvencek, erotikus fenekelés and Fenekelés are Hungarian spanking blogs.

Mainstream film[edit]

The grim Hungarian drama The Round-Up (1965) depicts a military running the gauntlet punishment of a nubile girl. The story, set in 1868, is about insurrectionists held in an army prison. A beautiful young girl has to run naked between two long rows of soldiers. Each man holds a long switch and whips her severely as she runs back and forth several times before collapsing on the ground.

This scene, which combines the humiliation of forced nudity, voyeurism, and hints of a fetishistic desire to punish beautiful women, seems out of place in this otherwise dark and realistic historical film. (This scene can be viewed at YouTube and the Internet Archive.)

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