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In this example of a humorous spanking cartoon, the humour comes from a pun: the double meaning of the word tanning.

Humorous spanking art is spanking art that is funny and is created to amuse the audience (as opposed to, for example, spanking art created to illustrate a serious book, or erotic spanking art).

Humorous spanking art often takes the form of a spanking cartoon. For example, many vintage spanking postcards are humorous cartoons.

Humor magazines and men's girlie magazines, especially in the 1950s, '60s, and '70s, often contained risque cartoons of husbands spanking their wives and bosses disciplining their secretaries. Humorous spanking art is also found in comic strips, manga, animation and anime.

The humour can come from various aspects, or a combination of these:

  • from how the characters are drawn (e.g. exaggerated features, funny faces)
  • from how the characters move
  • from the situation that led to the spanking
  • from how the spanking is carried out
  • from the dialogue (e.g. witty, absurd, unexpected, unusually truthful, play with words, etc.)
  • from the captions
  • from background music, e.g. setting a light-hearted mood

Humorous spanking art is found both in mainstream and in non-mainstream spanking art. Sometimes the humour is obvious and sometimes it is subtle. Occasionally only insiders will understand the hidden joke or reference in a spanking artwork. And often, some people may find a given work funny while others don't, for example when they feel the joke is stupid or the work is tasteless.


"I guess this isn't a good time to ask for a raise in my allowance..." — artwork by Collegeboy.

Spanking artists who often create humorous spanking art include Cannibal Khan and Collegeboy.


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