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Book illustration by Carlo (c. 1935).

Human furniture or forniphilia is a form of sexual objectification or erotic roleplay in BDSM in which the bottom partner assumes the role of a piece of furniture, or a supporting part of one. For example, they can perform the role of a seat, a footrest, a coffee table, a buffet (e.g. sushi: nyotaimori), a candle holder, lamp or ash tray.

Examples of the human furniture theme in art are the sculptures of British pop artist Allen Jones from the 1960s and 70s in which women are turned into chairs, tables, hat stands etc.

The 1976 sexploitation film Bloodsucking Freaks (aka The Great Torture Show) features nude female slaves being used as tables, chairs, and even a dart board. (The film also includes a M/F caning scene.)

In the spanking video The Birchrod Inn, Episode 11: The Transformation (Spanked In Uniform), humiliated maid Pandora Blake is used as a human table (photos).

Forms of play[edit]

Humiliation as a human footstool after a long punishment session (from "Punished Schoolgirl", a video by User:Jameslovebirch).

The human furniture is usually required to make no sound and remain perfectly still and remain in the prescribed pose until they are released. They may be restrained in bondage or just in mental bondage. Their apparel may be anything from normal clothing to fetish clothing, partial and full nudity. They may or may not be gagged.

Failure to remain still can result in punishment such as corporal punishment. As usual in BDSM play, a safeword or nonverbal signal can be used if the position becomes too painful after a while, or if any other problem arises.

In extreme forms of human furniture play, such as presented on the House of Gord "the house of ultra bondage" website, the bottom is put in very tight bondage to render them as completely immobile as possible. Such forms of human furniture play, combined with gagging, can put the partner's safety at risk.

Spanking videos[edit]

  • Cage Pet (PainGate), human table device, photos
  • Weronika Punishes Slut Helena, Part 2 (Polish Mistress), human footstool, photos


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