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Human animal roleplay, also known as petplay, is roleplay (often erotic roleplay, with or without BDSM elements) in which one partner assumes the role of an animal, such as a dog, horse, cat, or any other. This player is sometimes referred to as pet girl or pet boy and usually does not talk during the scene. The other partner will typically play the role of the animal's owner and/or trainer.

Types of scenarios[edit]

The play can involve situations such as training, reward and punishment, feeding, hygiene, and possibly sexual play. For popular forms, see:

Punishment of the "pet" can include scolding, spanking, cropping, flogging, locking up in a cage, bondage, etc. All pairings are possible — F/F, F/M, M/F, M/M.

Costumes and props[edit]

Animals do not normally wear clothes, so the partner playing the animal role might be partially of completely nude. However, the "pet" might also wear a costume and/or mask, or a harness, if desired, which can help get into the feeling of the role. (See also furry and kemonomimi.)

A tail is sometimes an important part of the outfit. These can come attached to a novelty costume G-string (see photo above) or a specially designed butt plug (the insertion of which adds an element of punitive humiliation). A collar and props such as a leash, feeding bowl or toys are also popular in this kind of roleplay.

Animal roleplay is commonly practiced at BDSM parties. Fetishistic/sexy animal costumes are usually acceptable dress code for these private gatherings as well as a few public events such as San Francisco's annual Exotic Erotic Ball and the Folsom Street Fair.

Spanking videos[edit]

French obedience training photo (Ostra Studio, c. 1930s)
  • Anna Rose, Pony Girl with Lydia (, 2007), video
  • Bunny Spankfest (Spanked Call Girls), Veronica Ricci, Ashley Rose, photos
  • Bunny Spankings (Spanking Veronica Works), Veronica Ricci, Ashley Rose, photos
  • Horsing Around (Zoe Page Video), photos
  • PetGirl Anna: Dog Cage Training (PetGirls/Benson Media, 2014), pig training, video
  • PetGirl Lacy: Walkies (PetGirls/Benson Media), dog play, video
  • PetGirl Lauren: Door to Floor (PetGirls, 2014), interview and dog training, video
  • PetGirl Purisa: Door To Floor (PetGirls/Benson Media, 2011), dog training, video
  • PetGirls, dog training (PetGirls/Benson Media), video
  • PetGirls, Pure Pet Bonnie (PetGirls/Benson Media), video
  • PetGirls, training montage (PetGirls/Benson Media), video
  • Ponygirls in Training (Captive Chrissy Marie), photos
  • Puppy Play and Punishment (Sarah's Fetish Play), Sarah Gregory, photos
  • Puppy Training Day (Zoe Page Video), photos
  • Roommate Cosplay Spankings (Worst Behavior Productions), cat-like costumes, photos
  • Slave training with dog pet play (, video
  • Sulky Horse Training (PainGate), photos


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