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A houseboy being spanked by the house owner.
A wealthy woman spanking her houseboy. OTTO

A houseboy is a young adult male working in a house doing cleaning and doing other chores in exchange for roof, food and sometimes a small salary or some help for his studies.

In the gay community, host/houseboy relationships are found between a typically older, usually wealthy, gay man and a younger gay male. The houseboy works and lives in the host's house on a mentor/pupil basis. The two may feel confortable having sexual intercourse not having to be Lovers but interacting in a dominant/submissive relation in the privacy of the home. The houseboy makes a normal life out of the house and the mature man has in the houseboy a servant who is also his pupil and a tool for sexual relief.

In the femdom subculture, a houseboy lives with his Mistress and performs the domestic chores for her. The Mistress is often older than the houseboy and they may or may not have a sexual relationship.

The houseboy is many times diciplined by the mature house owner under a contract called a punishment agreement. Spanking over the knee is common in the houseboy/house owner relation. Real punishment sessions may happen when the so-called boy is not doing things right.

Sometimes the houseboy will wear a uniform witch reseambles a schoolboy uniform to make the difference in between the clothing of a man and the clothing of a young servant.

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