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Hosing down a person with a water hose — which is practically always cold water — is found as a childish prank, but also for cleaning a person, or as a form of punishment.

As a prank[edit]

A child or teenager who hoses down an unsuspecting victim might face punishment for such a practical joke, depending on the circumstances.

For cleaning[edit]

A water hose connected to a normal household tap can be used as an improved shower for purposes such as removing sand and mud before allowing entry to the house after playing at the beach or a muddy sports game.

For punishment/pretext of cleaning[edit]

Cover of a pulp magazine, c. 1952

Hosing down can also be used to punish, abuse or humiliate a person, possibly under the pretext of cleaning. As such it can be compared to a scrubbing with a stiff bath brush.

This usage is typically found in prison scenarios where inmates are maltreated by the staff. Occasionally it is featured in BDSM stories and videos, where victims are typically naked and often also restrained or locked in a cage such that they can't evade the hard splash of cold water.

To intensify the punishment, higher water pressure and/or a sharper jet (e.g. via the nozzle) can be used. Fire hoses connected to special water sources will have a higher flow volume in as well as higher pressure and thus send a much more powerful jet. Another influencing factor is room (or outdoor) temperature.