Horsehair whip

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A monk spanking a woman with a horsehair whip. Engraving by John Smith.

A horsehair whip (also spelled horse hair whip - or called horse tail whip or horse hair flogger) is a flogger-type whip that is made of horse hair (taken from a horse's tail). It usually has a wooden handle and should not be confused with the term horsewhip, which is a riding crop.

Horsehair whips are used to whip the bare skin and produce a very special sting - usually not too painful but unpleasant in an itching way. In modern BDSM, they are often used for warm-up and for sensual spanking.

It is also possible to make a whip of human hair, which is softer and less coarse than horse hair. See human hair whip.

In BDSM, horse tails are also sometimes attached to butt plugs, e.g. for pony play.