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Hittite or Carl Hittite is a spanking author who began exclusively posting on Spanking Library before starting his own website. In describing himself at his website, he said the following:

I am in my early 20s, male, and I have been a spanking fetishist for as far back as I can remember.

I come from the rural parts of the midwest. Paddlings were given out at my Elementary school. Throughout most of my early childhood, I was subject to parental corporal punishment.

I live far away from this region and way of life now, but it travels with me everywhere I go.

Now, I write these stories. Its a hobby, mostly. I like writing, and my sexuality has been permanently molded into this fetish.

Enjoy these words. Comment. Link. Etc.
  — Carl Hittite

He also included the following, somewhat unique disclaimer:

The stories contained here are fiction, nothing else.

I may have been inspired by real events from my own life, others lives, the news media, etc. but what ends up here is something altered and reworked by my own mind.

Also note that I oppose the spanking of children in real life, for any reason. This is purely fantasy material and nothing else. I don’t agree with any of the psychological, political, or philosophical statements made by any of the characters or within the narration of any of the stories.

If you are disgusted by the concept of spanking, this site is not for you.