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Haruka is a female Canadian author of spanking stories, born in 1962.

Early years[edit]

Growing up, the main authority figure in her life was her father, he never spanked her as she grew up since he didn't believe in it. Her only two experiences of parental discipline came at the hands of her mother as a young child.

The first stories she wrote that involved discipline were in comic form, written and drawn in her early years featuring Disney animals spanking their offspring with thickly-drawn word balloons.

As the years went and she grew up, Haruka's choice of story settings and characters changed to teen Idols, Glam musicians, anime, cartoons and comicverses. The most recent stories are based around Stage Musical, drama actors and more Japanese style media, including J-pop and anime.

Current life[edit]

Haruka is a lesbian, married to her wife and living happily. Their relationship does not involve spanking beyond the most friendly and playful of pats.

Continuing with her like of family discipline setting spanking, she regularly writes stories depending on her inspiration - although she keeps her main rule of no Spankees below the age of twelve and not older than seventeen. Predominantly she prefers M/m pairings with an adult male spanker, but will write anything happily as the story demands. Usually her stories are very long and resemble soap-operas - some in excess of two-hundred chapters - although some one-shots have been written and posted. Her family stories don't often have an ending because sometimes they continue through the years, others because Haruka moves onto new projects and returns only haphazardly.

Often the stories written are set in alternate universes and include characters who never age, Yuri and Yaoi. Haruka isn't exclusively a spanking writer, the spanking fetish accounts for only around half of her work, she writes to please and suit herself and so the stories are as varied as she enjoys at the time.

More than thirty original manuscripts have been written by Haruka and are infrequently sent off to publishers, but none have made it to books so far.


Posting since 1996 means many of her stories have been lost to the internet or appear on a myriad of sites that are since closed or abaondoned, but the links below are the most accurate known at the time.